This page has information about my crossword puzzles.

Mini Math Crosswords


I’ve written a book of mathematical crossword puzzles (and another volume coming soon) available at this link:

The puzzles are mathematical in the sense that they contain lots of words and names from the mathematics community, not because the grids are filled with numbers or anything like that! That is, instead of the tricky wordplay you’ll find in the New York Times puzzles, the crosswords in this book have theme answers and lots of other fill that are words and names from the math world that you might otherwise never see in a puzzle. If you’d like to see your math knowledge and trivia prove useful all throughout a puzzle, and not just every once in a while, then you’ll love these crosswords.

Check out this blog post on my site for two sample puzzles to see what they’re like!

Words Xing


I also have a blog for standard crossword puzzles:

I post a new puzzle whenever I have one to share, roughly once a week. You’ll find some themed puzzles and some themeless ones, as well as some experimentations with grid sizes, symmetry, and structures.

(P.S. I know that graphic ^ is terribly amateurish but it’s the best I can do. Could you make it better? Email me! I’m willing to spend some $$ on graphic design.)

Published Puzzles

I have published some mathematics-themed crossword puzzles for the Mathematical Association of America (MAA). Some of them have appeared in their journal, Mathematics Magazine, and some have appeared in conference materials at the MAA’s MathFest and the Joint Mathematics Meetings. A detailed list of links is forthcoming; for now, some are findable through my Google Scholar profile and my ResearchGate profile.